The Evolutionary Activist (A Series)

The Evolutionary Activist is a series of booklets, authored by Boisevolve organizer Matthew Shapiro. Each booklet focuses on one priority area for evolutionary advocacy and activism. Booklets will be posted as drafts and final versions as they are completed.

The booklets can be read in any order. However, Making Sense of Today sets evolutionary advocacy and activism in a historical context, describing what led to the present turning point between unconscious and conscious evolution, and suggesting how groups like Boisevolve can play an important role. This booklet is intended to address the focus area of Evolutionary Awareness.

The following additional booklets that address priority areas for evolutionary activism and advocacy can now be downloaded:

Dialogue-The Key

Creating Together: Learning Democracy

It’s All Connected-The Systems Perspective

Looking Under the Hood: Assumptions and Images

Another booklet in the series–Human Development-Making Evolution Personal–addresses one of the key reasons why we need to consciously evolve our society and culture: greater support for human development. The booklet summarizes what seem to be the key requirements for human development and fulfillment, which can be thought of as personal evolution, or evolution within our own lives.